IN - CAI Honduras 2020

Mar 18 2020 - Mar 27 2020
The chief purpose of the Honduras mission trip is evangelism and service. We will partner with Pastor Luis and the Iglesia Evangélica de Santidad (Evangelical Holiness Church) in La Paz, Honduras. The specific work done will vary depending on the skill set of our team, as well as the needs expressed by the church and in the community.  In the past we have spoken to groups of children in schools, served children in orphanages, led evangelism events at the police academy, delivered food to homeless people, and participated in worship with the church.

21 going


Aleshia Shouse
(812) 944-6200



Due 1/30/2020

$100.00 Initial Contribution Due 9/27/2019
$600.00 Second Contribution Due 10/29/2019
$600.00 Third Contribution Due 11/29/2019
$500.00 Final Contribution Due 1/29/2020


Oct 16 2019

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EDT

Lunch Meeting Required

Band Room

Ministry planning - reminders and updates


Notary Liability Forms Required

Due 8/28/2019

Please print and provide all requested information, then sign the Medical Consent and the Authorization Waiver, and have both notarized. If both parents are not able to sign and have witnessed by a notary at the same time, separate forms must be printed and notarized individually.


CASS Missions Manual Required

Parents and students are to read the CASS Missions Manual before completing the mission trip application.




  1. Student must submit mission trip application and copy of valid passport (with expiration dated no earlier than October, 2020) or a copy of passport application


  1. Team members will be responsible for raising funds for their mission trip, participating in team meetings, and participating in team preparations.


  1. Students must be in Grades 9-12.


  1. Pray for the team, ministry partners in Honduras, and for those we will serve.


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