My name is Darby Killion and I recently graduated from Christian Academy of Indiana. After several summers of blocks on international travel due to Covid-19, an incredible opportunity was given to me by my high school, once again, to take part in an international mission trip this summer. Our team will be partnering with PROeM Ministries to serve and evangelize children in Inowłódz, Poland through one of the many outreach summer camps that PROeM offers. In Poland, everyone is, in some sense, “born catholic”, which means that the kids in Poland know about God, but many do not know Him personally or have any sort of relationship with Him.

During the trip, we will be volunteering at one of PROeM’s Junior weeks of camp. We will lead artistic workshops, meet with the kids in small groups, and worship with them over the course of the week. We will also get the chance to play with the kids and even teach them American games, sports, and culture. As we get to know these kids and love on them, we will be sharing with them what God has done in our own lives and what He can do in theirs if they accept His gift and surrender their lives to Him. I chose to participate in this mission trip again because I encountered many life-changing experiences at the camp and I want to further develop the relationships that I formed with the kids there.

If you are able to make a gift to the school to assist with my expenses, please visit and click the donate button which will guide you through the process. Your gift will change lives and help the unsaved hear the gospel. Thank you so much for considering your partnership and commitment to our Poland mission team. We will greatly appreciate your prayers and support!